Live Like the Mountain is Out

Those in the Pacific Northwest we have beautiful mountains around, but with out dreary, rainy skies, we often can’t see them. We have a saying for those days it is clear enough for us to see and enjoy their beauty.. We say, “The mountain is out.”

On the way to my son’s daycare, there is a road that we turn on that faces us right at one of the mountains. When the skies are clear, it is a beautiful sight. Every day we look for it. The mornings we see it, I will say “The mountain is out today!” I can see from my rearview mirror him stretching his neck up so he can see it to. We then say “God, thank you for the beautiful mountain.”

On one such clear morning, as soon as we thanked God for the mountain, I heard a soft voice say “The mountain is always there even when you can’t see it. Why are you thankful only when you can see it?” There is truth in that. The mountain is always there, but I am only thankful when I can see it and enjoy the beauty of it. Is the same true for God’s love and God’s working within my life? His love is always there, but am I thankful only when I see it, feel it? His saving grace is always there. His working within my life is always there. His goodness is always there. Am I choosing to only be thankful when I get to experience the good side, enjoy the beauty of it, the benefit of it? 

What if I am thankful for the mountain even when I can’t see it? What if I live my life in such a way that I choose to be thankful for what I can’t see or feel, but I know is there? I want to be thankful in the foggy days, in the rainy cloudy days because I know God’s love is still there, His saving grace is still there, His goodness is still there. He is still working in my life. Even when I can’t see it. 

I want to live like that mountain is always out.

#livelikethemountainisout #alwaysbethankful


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