Don’t ignore your cracks

Seven years. That’s how long the cracks had been in my windshield. It all started with a small chip in the center of the windshield. Because I never took care of the small chip, over the years, it grew and grew until it ended up with three different long lines across my windshield. One line was across the driver’s side but was just low enough it didn’t impair my driving. The other two were on the passenger side, eventually growing long enough they intersected. These lines had been there so long I no longer noticed them except on the rare occasion I found myself on the passenger side and had to try to look through them. Since I could see to drive just fine, it was not a priority for me to fix it, not wanting to spend the time or money.

Last year, though, after we did our taxes and knew we were going to be getting some money back, I prayed and asked God how He wanted us to use the money. He clearly told me to fix the windshield. When the tax refund came, I pushed through the inner struggle of not wanting to put money towards it and instead, walked in obedience and scheduled the appointment.

When I got back in to my car after having the new windshield put in, the whole feel of the car had changed. My view was so much clearer now. I hadn’t even realized the impact of the cracks in the windshield until they weren’t there anymore. I had become so comfortable with the cracks that even as they grew, I looked right past them. As I was driving away from the shop, I heard God speak to me. “Just like the cracks in your windshield, you have cracks in your life you are overlooking.”

Cracks are those areas in life where you have opened yourself up to allowing sin to come in. It can start out with small cracks in your foundation. Not making time to read your Bible. Not surrounding yourself with the body of believers by attending church. Not taking time to pray and spend time with God. It can begin by hanging out with old friends who pull you away from godly things, going to websites or apps that lead you in to old behaviors. Small cracks lead in to bigger lines in your life, those areas that you become comfortable with the sin that you have let in.

For me, God showed me two cracks in my life that needed to be dealt with. The first was allowing offenses to come in to my marriage and not dealing with them right away. The second was allowing the enemy to speak in to my self-worth instead of listening to what God says about who I am.

Do you have cracks in your life that need to be dealt with? Are there areas that you have allowed sin to start to creep in, maybe even convincing yourself it isn’t really sin or convincing yourself it isn’t really that bad, that it is small on the sin scale (as if there is a sin scale in God’s eyes)? Or maybe you have some cracks you don’t even notice anymore. Are there areas you have become comfortable with sin in your life and because it isn’t being dealt with, it is slowly growing and growing, allowing more and more in?

Take the time today to ask God to help you do inventory and show you your cracks. Whether they are just starting out or whether they are already big lines in your life, He wants to work in your life to not just cover them up, but to completely heal them, remove them and make those areas new and stronger than before.



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