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  • You are chosen
    Last picked or sometimes not picked at all. All those around you seem to easily make friends, but not you. When you open your mouth, all the wrong words come out. You want to be chosen, seen, but you are forgotten, invisible. You watch as those you want to connect with, walk right past you… Continue reading You are chosen
  • Live Like the Mountain is Out
    Those in the Pacific Northwest we have beautiful mountains around, but with out dreary, rainy skies, we often can’t see them. We have a saying for those days it is clear enough for us to see and enjoy their beauty.. We say, “The mountain is out.” On the way to my son’s daycare, there is… Continue reading Live Like the Mountain is Out
  • Cracks
    Seven years. That’s how long the cracks had been in my windshield. It all started with a small chip in the center of the windshield. Because I never took care of the small chip, over the years, it grew and grew until it ended up with three different long lines across my windshield. One line… Continue reading Cracks

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